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30 April 2003

Daggers boss relishing play-off task

Dagenham & Redbridge manager Garry Hill insists his players are fully prepared for the thrills and spills of their Nationwide Conference play-off semi-final against Morecambe.

The two sides meet at Victoria Road on Thursday with the second leg scheduled for next Monday. "Morecambe are a good side with a great manager and they have the benefit of being full-time professionals," said Hill.

"But it's not about 42 games now, it's about one and I'm happy we've got the best side available to take them on." Boosted by their 5-0 thrashing of Burton at the weekend, Morecambe manager Jim Harvey has no doubts about his side's ability to ensure promotion. "Everybody's fit for selection and we're in confident mood," he said.

In the other semi-final, fourth-placed Chester - who lost their Football League status three seasons ago - take on Doncaster. Chester chairman Stephen Vaughan said: "We are within touching distance of regaining our place in the Football League and it has created a tremendous atmosphere around the club."

The last time the sides met at the Deva Stadium, Doncaster had two players sent off and Chester boss Mark Wright was ordered from the dug-out for a pitch-side tussle with Chris Beech. "There were a couple of rough challenges and a couple of poor refereeing decisions," recalled Doncaster boss Dave Penney.

"But the play-offs are what we've been aiming for all season and our squad is back at full strength with the return to fitness of Andy Watson, Jamie Paterson and Gregg Blundell."

End of season players with the most...


Shots Junior Agogo 132
Shots on target Junior Agogo 68
Shots off target Junior Agogo 64
Assists Mark Gower 17
Crosses Mark Gower 131
Offsides Junior Agogo 74
Fouls Junior Agogo 53
Free-kicks won Junior Agogo 74


Shots Christian Moore 74
Shots on target Christian Moore 52
Shots off target Christian Moore 22
Assists Christian Moore 6
Crosses Andy Sinton 76
Offsides Christian Moore 62
Fouls Darren Stride 52
Free-kicks won Christian Moore 98


Shots Ryan Sugden 62
Shots on target Daryl Clare 41
Shots off target Ryan Sugden 26
Assists Kevin McIntyre 9
Crosses Kevin McIntyre 168
Offsides Daryl Clare 39
Fouls Scott Guyett 71
Free-kicks won Ryan Sugden 62


Shots Steve West 72
Shots on target Steve West 41
Shots off target Steve West 31
Assists John McGrath 6
Crosses John McGrath 45
Offsides Mark Stein 44
Fouls Ashley Vickers 65
Free-kicks won Junior McDougald 66


Shots Paul Barnes 92
Shots on target Paul Barnes 55
Shots off target Paul Barnes 37
Assists Paul Barnes 9
Crosses Simon Marples 60
Offsides Paul Barnes 49
Fouls Paul Barnes 73
Free-kicks won Paul Barnes 91


Shots Rocky Baptiste 76
Shots on target Rocky Baptiste 47
Shots off target Lenny Piper 30
Assists Lenny Piper 7
Crosses Chris Piper 78
Offsides Rocky Baptiste 47
Fouls Ken Charlery 52
Free-kicks won Dean Green 40


Shots Neil Grayson 71
Shots on target Neil Grayson 43
Shots off target Neil Grayson 28
Assists Kayode Odejayi 8
Crosses Martin Foster 78
Offsides Kayode Odejayi 41
Fouls Stephen Jenkins 60
Free-kicks won Neil Grayson 90


Shots Jimmy Jackson 62
Shots on target Jimmy Jackson 31
Shots off target Jimmy Jackson 31
Assists Jimmy Jackson 8
Crosses Jimmy Jackson 56
Offsides Che Stadhart 52
Fouls Jimmy Strouts 68
Free-kicks won Jimmy Jackson 56


Shots Brian Quailey 50
Shots on target Brian Quailey 27
Shots off target Brian Quailey 23
Assists Craig Midgley 8
Crosses Ian Fitzpatrick 61
Offsides Brian Quailey 35
Fouls Brian Quailey 60
Free-kicks won Ian Fitzpatrick 78


Shots Paul Parry 88
Shots on target Paul Parry 51
Shots off target Stephen Guinan 37
Assists Paul Parry 12
Crosses Paul Parry 114
Offsides Stephen Guinan 30
Fouls Matthew Clarke 45
Free-kicks won Stephen Guinan 62


Shots Gez Murphy 32
Shots on target Gez Murphy 16
Shots off target Gez Murphy 16
Assists Shaun Murray 5
Crosses Shaun Murray 54
Offsides Gez Murphy 41
Fouls Mark Haran 58
Free-kicks won Scott Goodwin 56


Shots Dino Maamria 69
Shots on target Dino Maamria 36
Shots off target Dino Maamria 33
Assists Andy Heald 5
Crosses Stuart Whittaker 49
Offsides Dino Maamria 39
Fouls Dino Maamria 59
Free-kicks won Phillip Salt 55


Shots Leon Braithwaite 42
Shots on target Leon Braithwaite 19
Shots off target Leon Braithwaite 23
Assists Adrian Clarke 8
Crosses Paul Lamb 45
Offsides Leon Braithwaite 55
Fouls John Keister 81
Free-kicks won Leon Braithwaite 62


Shots Stuart Drummond 91
Shots on target Wayne Curtis 44
Shots off target Stuart Drummond 47
Assists Gary Thompson 10
Crosses Adriano Rigoglioso 84
Offsides Wayne Curtis 37
Fouls Gary Thompson 59
Free-kicks won Stuart Drummond 80


Shots Gregg Blundell 69
Shots on target Gregg Blundell 41
Shots off target Gregg Blundell 28
Assists Gregg Blundell 6
Crosses Steve Garvey 65
Offsides Gregg Blundell 50
Fouls Johnathan Allan 57
Free-kicks won Mark Devlin 59


Shots Mark Quayle 63
Shots on target Mark Quayle 41
Shots off target Mark Quayle 22
Assists Mark Quayle 5
Crosses Michael Love 46
Offsides Mark Quayle 43
Fouls Richard Lavery 61
Free-kicks won Richard Lavery 44


Shots Keith Scott 58
Shots on target Keith Scott 37
Shots off target Olivier Brassart 21
Assists David Pounder 6
Crosses Paul Shepherd 74
Offsides Keith Scott 37
Fouls Keith Scott 88
Free-kicks won Keith Scott 66


Shots Steve Jones 52
Shots on target Peter Thomson 30
Shots off target Steve Jones 27
Assists Dean Howell 6
Crosses Chris Lane 115
Offsides Peter Thomson 65
Fouls Barry Jones 63
Free-kicks won Barry Jones 64


Shots Simon Wormull 49
Shots on target Justin Richards 18
Shots off target Simon Wormull 31
Assists Simon Wormull 9
Crosses Simon Travis 68
Offsides Charlie MacDonald 26
Fouls Jason Goodliffe 50
Free-kicks won Jason Goodliffe 45


Shots David Brown 64
Shots on target David Brown 47
Shots off target Paul Moore 17
Assists David Brown 6
Crosses Gareth Hanmer 58
Offsides Paul Moore 64
Fouls Mark Foran 67
Free-kicks won David Brown 68


Shots Warren Patmore 57
Shots on target Warren Patmore 30
Shots off target Warren Patmore 27
Assists Raphael Nade 6
Crosses Jon Brady 67
Offsides Raphael Nade 35
Fouls Warren Patmore 61
Free-kicks won Warren Patmore 72


Shots Michael McIndoe 86
Shots on target Kirk Jackson 43
Shots off target Michael McIndoe 48
Assists Michael McIndoe 15
Crosses Michael McIndoe 177
Offsides Michael McIndoe 30
Fouls Adam Lockwood 62
Free-kicks won Michael McIndoe 70


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