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Players/Fans affinity

Postby Spanker Ridley » 20 Mar 2011, 16:24

Bournemouthbee wrote on another thread

Firstly i agree with one of the other posters that Hate is a strong word, I think there is little affinity/relationship to the players though....there isn't even a 'fans favourite' really this season.

Is this lack of affinity due to the players now being distant from the fans ?

Remember when Fans and Players would mix in the Durham Suite after matches, giving fans the chance to let the players their feelings both good and bad. I can remember some very interesting exchanges, but they did build an affinity.

Now the players are removed to the Hive after games (not sure if every game ?) and there is very little interaction with fans.
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Re: Players/Fans affinity

Postby natwilk » 20 Mar 2011, 17:41

I also recall players coming over to chat to fans at the side of the pitch after games. I guess they don't now cos a) few have been here long enough to have any great feelings for the fans, b) they feel too embarassed about what happened in the previous 90 minutes and 3) they'd get to much abuse!
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Re: Players/Fans affinity

Postby LeicesterBee » 20 Mar 2011, 17:47

It's taken me 24 hours to compose myself after the shambles I witnessed yesterday afternoon.

What really annoyed me the most though was the players attitude at the final whistle. With the exception of Jake Cole (who made a half hearted effort), not one of them made any sort of acknowledgments to the fans and couldn't get themselves down the tunnel quick enough. PF looked a forlorn figure waving at the the fans from the centre circle as his 'warriors' deserted him.

No doubt they were embarrased by their 'performance' in the previous 90 minutes but this reinforces the lack of affinity between any of the squad and the fans.

Players come and go, fans last for ever - there is not one player who was on the pitch yesterday that I want to see in a Black and Amber shirt next season. Without doubt, the most inept and passionless bunch of indivduals I have witnessed in 25 yrs.
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Re: Players/Fans affinity

Postby Golf Delta » 20 Mar 2011, 17:56

LeicesterBee wrote:Without doubt, the most inept and passionless bunch of indivduals I have witnessed in 25 yrs.

Make that 40 years. God knows what Les Eason (who was standing near me) must have been thinking.
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Re: Players/Fans affinity

Postby Mikel Bee » 20 Mar 2011, 18:00

Those who made the journey to Hereford would have felt great affinity with the players who all came over to celebrate and chat with the 80 or so supporters. This affinity thing is a two way street and I can't see it happening at Underhill any time soon. When so called "fans" (who funnily enough I never see at places like Hereford) are shouting absurd comments about half the squad only 5 minutes into a game is it any wonder the players don't feel connected?

Our best hope for survival is our away form.
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Mikel Bee
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Re: Players/Fans affinity

Postby LeicesterBee » 20 Mar 2011, 18:05

Mikel Bee wrote:
Our best hope for survival is our away form.

Against Aldershot (our best chance of 3 points but realistically a point if we are lucky), Burton (another 6 pointer - we all know how we perform when the pressure is on), Bury (chasing automatic promotion), Gillingham (on a roll and in the play offs) and Accrington (never a happy hunting ground)...............Blue Sq it is then.
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Re: Players/Fans affinity

Postby barnetboy1 » 20 Mar 2011, 20:05

Hi Leicesterbee,I'm guessing there was no uptake on that spare ticket you had yesterday!
A generous gesture,but probably relieved!

Anywhichway,considering the nature of the thread, what I found strange,back at the start of the season,was coming to terms with an uninspiring appointment of a new Manager,and a complete overhaul of the Squad.

Barring a few players,the team looked like a bunch of strangers; not only to me;but each other,unfortunately.

We were presented with Revolution,not Evolution,and I assume that was specifically done to avoid precisely the position we find ourselves in right now.

Well Done,everybody,Well Done.

New Players have to earn the "Affinity" of the fans,as do New Managers.

Speaking personally,for the mostpart, as a fan, I'm actually quite forgiving of the odd mistake or poor game ,and throughout a Season favourites rise to the surface by developing reputations,and inspiring belief.

That's where it's all gone BunsUp for me,we've been starved of the Stuff that Inspires.
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Re: Players/Fans affinity

Postby letchbee94 » 20 Mar 2011, 21:35

Most the squad in the 2003-2004 season was new to the club and they had a good bond with the players, however I think that was to do with our manager at the time, 1 Martin Allen.
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Re: Players/Fans affinity

Postby jamiefrbees » 21 Mar 2011, 11:37

Agree whole-heartedly with Mikel Bee, and I too have said for some time (since PF took over) that I expected our away form to exceed our home form. It has been entirely the case as away from home the players have been able to express themselves and play freely without the home pressure and negative memories of the earlier half of the season.

The trade-off with an increased turn out and attendance (i.e. versus Morecambe) is getting more idiots through the turn stiles shouting jibberish and venting their life frustrations through their nostrils.

The players will be out the door like a flash at the end of the season and who can blame them?

To say they lack passion is shortsighted and naive. You need to look at teams like Morecambe, who are built around a lot of home grown players who have a strong affinity and bond to their club and the players around them. Sadly, due to a combination of conviction-less signings and injuries, our team has never had the chance to gel and develop a consistency with practically a new line up and shape every couple of weeks.
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Re: Players/Fans affinity

Postby Bott3rz » 21 Mar 2011, 12:23

Agree with Jamie and Mikel Bee.

The players have no real attachment to the club and probably little bond with each other. Underhill must have one of the poorest atmospheres to play in. And even the sides (eg Shrewsbury) whose stadium is lacking in character, have the facilities to balance out the lack of atmopshere.

It is real shame considering that our support in recent seasons (eg Northampton and Stevenage this year) can be superb but I suppose that the appeal has gone out of Underhill for both the players and the fans.
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Re: Players/Fans affinity

Postby hoofer2 » 22 Mar 2011, 09:53

"Affinity" is a 2 way concept and we, like it or not, are as much to blame.

I have never in my 25 years + supporting Barnet, noticed such negativity amongst the supporters at the start of a campaign towards the management team and by association the players that were signed pre-season. This was in spite of the fact that the pre-season friendlies showed some promise for the season ahead.

Right from the word go it was decided that Mark Stimson was going to fail and not live up to our overinflated standards. The morgue like feeling on the terraces at home games will have reciprocated to the players. At this time we could not have possibly known if campaign was or wasn't going to be successful? It must be very difficult to motivate yourself for a match if those who are meant to be behind you show no encouragement.

We have the hindsight now to say "I told you so" etc. But our collective achievement of not bothering to make up songs for most of the new signings etc. will also be on the epitaph of this underwhelming campaign.
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