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Re: Kleanthous

Postby ShankBee » 22 Mar 2011, 16:04

Thats where I think your wrong, he openly admits he got involved because he liked the idea of owning a football club, not specifically because he cared about Barnet, now he's involved he does care and has repeatedly said he will only sell the club to someone with a sensible financial plan.
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Re: Kleanthous

Postby markobee » 22 Mar 2011, 22:39

weino wrote: I also don't see how this theory fits in with the large capital investment in the Hive.

Just a small clarification:-
Businessmen don't often or usually invest their own money in anything. Mostly it is a case of borrowed money. And so it is with the large capital investment in the Hive - which, per the Accounts, has been funded by grants and by bank loans (some of which are personally guaranteed by Mr Kleanthous).
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Re: Kleanthous

Postby Evanstribe » 23 Mar 2011, 02:19

The biggest issue is the stadium; why cant we speed up the process of moving to the Hive? Once thats in place, then I think the club can really move forward. But unless we get a move on that could be years away, and having to wait that long for any kind of progress is a depressing thought!
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