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I Refuse

Postby teatime_bee » 21 Mar 2011, 21:01

to say we are down until we are mathematically down. I did say that if we didnt beat Morecambe then we're down but i'm retracting that statement probably because iam a fool but.....Burton have to go to Bury and Bradford which they are more than likely to lose and they have to still play us.
There are still games to play and points to be won,it's as simple as that. Thats how Fairclough has to think and i can't understand why some of you on here would have a dig at the man for doing so. What would you rather do? Collapse and cry? Walk off and give up in a tantrum?
In circumstances like this,you need one to lead,remain upbeat and show fighting spirit. Regardless of our fate or even his ability to do so, Fairclough has my upmost respect for stepping forward and trying. He did inherit this bloody mess after all.
So,with the games remaining,what can the club do to try their hardest to avoid the drop? If we're going to give it a go,let's give it an effing go.
This is an 'optimism only' thread by the way or at the very least constructive pessimism.
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Re: I Refuse

Postby MajorBrownEye » 21 Mar 2011, 22:00

Excellent post. I believe it is 4 points for a refusal, so more of these and we will be guaranteed league survival.
It's the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit.
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Re: I Refuse

Postby kingpinfid » 21 Mar 2011, 23:24

Though very unlikely - it is possible for us to stay up.

Win at against Aldershot, Chesterfield and Burton and we'll be in the mix. Winning at Aldershot and Burton is a realistic target. Unfortunately I think we may get hammered by Chesterfield. Our home form is very poor (one win in how many?) and Chesterfield travel well!
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Re: I Refuse

Postby Hiveoccupier » 22 Mar 2011, 00:45

If with you teatime - nothing better in life than a cuppa with a scone, jam, cream and league survival !
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Re: I Refuse

Postby mduffy_918 » 22 Mar 2011, 01:34

Burton could lose every game but it is a guarantee they will beat us, we are s++t and deserve to go down, we no longer have the best chairman in the land, the worst, possibly.
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Re: I Refuse

Postby jamiefrbees » 22 Mar 2011, 12:45

I have hoards and hoards of respect for PF too, and I really can't understand those that have turned against him/ dont..

He is so passionate about this football club and has got the best possible out of a weak bunch. Look at the restored confidence in players such as Devera etc..
Barnet, Barnet, Barnet, because...we're staying up, and it's the bondz the bondz the bondz the bondz the bondz the bondz the bondz that will keep us together...

Why does it always fall to Togwell?
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Re: I Refuse

Postby ShankBee » 22 Mar 2011, 13:16

teatime_bee wrote:This is an 'optimism only' thread by the way or at the very least constructive pessimism.

Mduffy, im looking at you when i quote this
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Re: I Refuse

Postby beeline » 22 Mar 2011, 13:51

It's a shame to say but the fat ladies voice is getting louder and louder.
2 wins or more in a row would help big time and silence the old trout!
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