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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Postby bananaman » 09 Dec 2014, 17:12

Greetings from Thailand. Been living out here for nearly ten years but followed barnet home and away for a good 5 years back in the glory DIv 2 days where we got promoted and then went virtually bankrupt. Higlight of my Barnet times were Kelly Haigs last minute winner at Huddersfield following 13 straight defeats. Went to every game home and away that season. follow the bess from afar now and great we're having such a good season. Up at 10pm every Saturday following on the internet. My unfortunate nickname derives from me throwing a banana skin at an official at Darlington away one year and being ejected after 5 minutes. we were alread 2-0 down though. Looking forward to catching all the news. Cheers
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Postby Ace » 23 Dec 2014, 15:15

Hi all. Im Ace. Im new to being a Barnet fan. I went to my first Barnet game this past Saturday. Im from Stanmore. About five minutes from The Hive actually. Im looking forward to going to more games, and meeting more fans as i go to home and away games.
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Postby Stuart » 02 Jan 2015, 10:15

Barnet supporter since 1958 Amateur Cup Semi Final Season.

Regular at home and the majority of away games

Favourite players: Alf D'Arcy, Les Eason, Roy Drake, Tony Harding, Ricky George, Kenny Lowe, Gary Bull, Nicky Bailey, Jason Puncheon, Albert Adomah, David Stephens,

Most memorable game: Burton away; Calvin Zola penalty & Mark Hughes goal - can still feel the tension!

Location: Surrey
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Postby foxy » 25 Jan 2015, 22:41

Hello :-)
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Postby Workerbee » 03 Feb 2015, 19:55

Location: Essex (ex New Barnet)
How many years following the Bees: 40+
Which Stand: East Terrace / North Terrace
All Time Favourite Player: The 90-91 Conference winning side
All Time Favourite Manager: Barry Fry
Best Memory: Away to Fisher 1991 to finally get promoted to the League. Also beating Clapton 9-0 in the FA Cup back in 1967 - the first game I ever saw - though all I can really remember now is our fans chanting "we want 10" and a couple of brave Clapton fans returning "we want 1" - highly amusing at the time as a young kid!
Worst memory: Missing out on promotion to Lincoln in the 1987-88 season - to be runners-up once was bad enough but to do it a second time ... (an Oscar Wilde quote comes to mind!)
Other Sports you watch: Cricket, tennis
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Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Postby Bees2020 » 06 Feb 2015, 20:21

Location: East Barnet
How many years following the Bees: 25
Which Stand: East terrace
All Time Favourite Player: Keith Alexander
All Time Favourite Manager: Ray Clemence
Best Memory: Barnet v Welling ( 5-2 ) Keith Alexander / Hatrick
Worst memory: Fareham / FA Trophy / Quarter Finals
Other Sports you watch: Tennis , Golf , Athletics
Hobbies: Food & Drink, Sports Betting, Travelling, Computers and Sleeping
If your going to have a bet win some money
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Postby Bee Crazy » 26 Mar 2015, 13:30

Location: Cockfosters
How many years following the Bees: 28 years
Which Stand: West
All Time Favourite Player: Nicky Evans
All Time Favourite Manager: Barry Fry
Best Memory: Gary Bull sending Bees up against Rotherhithe (RIP)
Worst memory: Northampton, relegation
Other Sports you watch: Everything
Hobbies: Barnet FC
Bee Crazy
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Postby ealingbee84 » 09 Apr 2015, 16:40

Location: Ealing (originally from Hanwell)
How many years following the Bees: 21 years
Which Stand: Underhill-Main Hive-West
All Time Favourite Player: Linvoy Primus w/ Graz as a close 2nd.
All Time Favourite Manager: Paul Fairclough
Best Memory: Graz equalising against Carlisle in the last minute which confirmed Barnet winning the Conference.
Worst memory: Home loss to Torquay 2001, relegation
Other Sports you watch: Snooker, Boxing and Tennis.
Hobbies: Football, Weightlifting and cooking.
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Postby Home Made Bread » 18 Apr 2015, 17:55

An interesting day can be had at Dover Castle !
Supported Barnet since about 2007, member in the West Stand cheaper seats since the Hive started. Travel by car from North West Essex down the A505 to some matches, otherwise out from the smoke when the tubes work.
I like Luisma, especially today. Never played football with a round ball, am far too ancient to start.
Don't know what the offside rule is.
Recommend making bread to calm nerves, as I did this afternoon. When it was rising things looked a little bleak, but when it was baked it was all smiles. Well done to all those who travelled to Kidderminster, I'm sure it made a difference.
Home Made Bread
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Postby Bee52 » 09 May 2015, 12:24

Wot ho!

Barnet supporter for 50 years now, ever since my Dad used to walk me down Bedford Avenue and all the way to Underhill. Highlight of the journey in the summer used to be walking past the wrestler Jacky Pallo's house where he always seemed used to be "mechanicking" under the bonnet of his white Saab car in his wrestling trunks. What a character and what a nice man too.

First team I can really remember as I was only 2 when I was first enlightened, was one of the best with the likes of Jack McClelland, Colin Powell, Gerry Ward, Barry King, Gordon Ferry, Ben Embury, Colin Powell, Billy Meadows, Colin Powell (he was that good that he was everywhere), Les Eason, Ricky George, etc, etc. I'm still trying to forget Lou Adams even if he did work his socks off and score a few.

3 of my best memories (apologies that two of them are somewhat vague, due I'll say to me being of young age) amongst a few from around that time were:-
i) Seeing a goal scored direct from a drop kick from the penalty area by our keeper, that bounced over the opposition keeper's head and into their net. Can't remember the keeper's name (don't think it was Jack McC), might have been a 1-0 at home v Bath? Does anyone remember?
ii) Another very hazy memory (I didn't even drink then), 3-0 down at home to someone like Kings Lynn and there was a poor shot by probably Ricky George or Barry King that the keeper watched go past the post, raising his arms to show he wasn't touching it and letting it go past the post over the goal line. This was followed by him going round the side of the goal to collect the ball, only to find that it had actually crept inside the post for a goal. He must have been only about a foot from the ball as he watched it cross the line, best misjudgement I've ever seen.
iii) In about 1990 getting a taxi to St Albans after a works do (coincidentally just on the Edgware Road close to Camrose Avenue) and talking with the driver, declaring somewhat drunkenly that I was a Barnet fan. He told me his name was Bill and that he used to play for Barnet. The great Billy Meadows, it made my decade!

Been away from the area and back a few times over the years, drifting in and out of watching home and away too. Never forgot my roots - born, lived and schooled in Barnet. Learned at an early age that there's only one team in North London.

After a long stint of parisitic reading decided to add my name to the forum. Thanks for the forum and also to all the many who have posted some really informative or amusing stuff. Have enjoyed lots, cheers!
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Postby GenkiDev » 10 May 2015, 13:35

Location: Ipswich

How many years following the Bees: 22

Which Stand? More of a terrace person TBH, but often with my dad - whom enjoys the luxury of the seating in the West stand ;)

All Time Favourite Player: Devine Devine, Devine Devine, Devine Devine, DEVINE!!!

All Time Favourite Manager: Martin Allen, but enjoyed the way Ray Clemance wanted to play

Best Memory: Haha! Thinking of substitute Macdonald (fist name eludes me, but he was a full back) tanning himself with shirt off away at Hereford in the middle 90's, chilling back pitchside in a deck chair if I remember rightly. Sean Devine throwing a tantrum at John Still whilst being hiked off substituted - numerous occasions. So many good memories, T. Gibson away at Cambrigde (1-1) first Barnet goal I ever witnessed! The list goes on... Ah and of course being mascot and 'that' look - on Gary Phillips' face - as I planted a PK crisply into the top corner at the top of the hill!!! "You're supposed to be warming me up he joked " stiffly arching over to retrieve the ball which had nestled by this time neatly against the left hand post! Suuuuuu-mo - What a legend!

Worst memory: Final day being locked out - of a sold out underhill - and hearing we were 0-3 down at HT in a high street chicken parlour o the might of Torquay.

Other Sports you watch: Try not to watch TV!

Hobbies: Gaming, Coding, Poker, Golf (definitely not spelling)
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Postby jerroll » 19 May 2015, 20:26

David MacDonald
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Postby SudburyBee » 17 Jun 2015, 21:03

Hi ya Sudbury bee here ..
Location: Sudbury Hill
How many years following the Bees: 24 years
Which Stand: Underhill standing by centre circle
All Time Favourite Player: Graz
All Time Favourite Manager: Paul Fairclough
Best Memory: Beating Fisher 4-2 .. In the stand with foul mouthed wife's of fisher players
Worst memory: Home loss to Torquay 2001,
Other Sports you watch: cricket

Was interviews by sky sports news getting on coach
Going to old Trafford ..
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Postby Davoc » 22 Jun 2015, 10:49

Hi All!

I am David. Another of a weird case scenario, but here goes...

First of all I declare that I am a Gunners fan! However since about 2006-07 have always had a soft spot for the Bees, consistently checking the teams results, and all the usual drama associated with the club. I also remember Arsenal kicking off their season with an friendly at the Underhill for many years. Have on more than one occasion used the Bees on FIFA and Championship manager as well. It is a bit difficult keeping in touch with results, rumours and all that from the other side on the world (Melbourne, Australia) but forums like this one (have been a guest for many years), twitter and apps on phones do make it a lot easier! Its also cool and interesting that a couple of ex Bees are currently playing really well in the Premier League, notably Bolasie and Puncheon. Do also support my local club Melbourne Victory.

Location: Melbourne, Australia
How many years following the Bees: 8-9 years
Which Stand: Cant say!
All Time Favourite Player: Graham Stack (know him well from his time with Arsenal)
All Time Favourite Manager: Paul Fairclough!
Best Memory: Promotion to the league last season
Worst memory: Being relegated under Davids. If only he took control a couple of games earlier!
Other Sports you watch: Cricket, Aussie Rules, Formula 1
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Postby StephenM » 16 Jul 2015, 12:08

Location: Letchworth
How many years following the Bees: 24
Which Stand: West Bank, East Terrace, now West Stand
All Time Favourite Player: Liiiiiinvoy
All Time Favourite Manager: Barry Fry
Best Memory: The 1991-1993 era
Worst memory: John Still's short corner routines.
Other Sports you watch: Cricket, darts
Hobbies: Football
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