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Postby Reckless » 12 Sep 2020, 10:55

PREDICTION LEAGUE 2020/21 can announce details of the new 2020/2021 Prediction League competition which will start with our first fixture home to Eastleigh (hopefully)
Prediction League is now in its 20th season and is a fun competition open to all members of this messageboard and we hope it is even more successful than the previous competitions - Prediction League 2019/20 was eventually won by OB1 who joins the following Honours Board


2001/2 - Churchlang Bee
2002/3 - Tim Bee
2003/4 - Basingstoke Bee
2004/5 - Basingstoke Bee
2005/6 - Basingstoke Bee
2006/7 - Durlston
2007/8 - 45 Years A Bee
2008/9 - Paddy Bee
2009/10 - Leicester Bee
2010/11 - Toronto Bee
2011/12 - Barnet Boy
2012/13 - Stalker 428
2013/14 - Bee 428
2014/15 - Hadley Bee
2015/16 – Edd 1
2016/17 – Cockney Bee & Toronto Bee
2017/18 – 55 Years A Bee
2018/19 – Barnet Baba Booey
2019/20 - OB1

You simply have to be a signed up member of the message board to participate. As each match thread appears you can post your prediction for it, and leave the rest to me. The threads will be accessible under their own separate Forum entitled ‘Prediction League’ on the message board and the current league table will be on view after each game. Members forecast the final score of a Barnet FC game, the half time score and the first Barnet goalscorer in the match. For the first an hopefully only time the attendance figure is not relevant or won't be until the restrictions are stopped - its a simple as that. 

Example: Barnet 2-1 Eastleigh
Half Time 1-1 
JJ Hooper

Please take care to be specific for the sake of argument ie if you post 0-1 without mentioning the team names as a result , which is perfectly OK, I will take that as an away club win.


1.We will award points to ‘user names’ only and not to members’ real names. For instance some of the members may have a couple of alternative user names but they will not be added together.
2.The prediction for each match may be made at any time right up until kick off. Any prediction made after the kick off time will be void.
3.You may change or alter your prediction by re-posting on the thread but we will accept the later prediction as your entry. (Please try and refrain from changing your mind too much the edit button is your friend - thanks).
4.1 point will awarded for predicting a correct half time standing (i.e. you predict Barnet 2-1 Opponents and the actual score is for example 1-0 or Barnet 0-1 Opponents and the actual score is 0-2)
5.2 points will be awarded for an exact half time score prediction. (i.e. you predict the half time score as Barnet 0-0 Opponents and that is the score at half time).
6.4 points will be awarded for a correct result prediction. (i.e. you predict Barnet to win 2-0 and the final score is actually 2-1 to Barnet)
7.6 points will be awarded for an exact score prediction. (i.e. you predict Barnet to win 2-0 and that is the final result)
8.If you predict both the exact half and full time scores then you will receive 2 bonus points to make a total of 10 points (i.e. if you predict Full time: Barnet 2-0 Opponents, Half time: Barnet 0-0 Opponents and they are the scores at those junctures you will receive 2+6+2 bonus points = 10 points)
10. 3 points will be awarded if you correctly predict the scorer of the first Barnet goal in the game. 1 point will be awarded if that player scores at any time during the game. (i.e. you predict JJ Hooper to score first but he actually is the second Barnet scorer). As in last years competition you may have a guess at this even if you believe that Barnet will not score in the game but you may also predict “No Barnet Goalscorer”. If you do and that is the case you will also earn 3 points. You may also predict the first Barnet goal in the game as an own goal by an opponent if you wish and this will also earn 3 points. You will earn 1 point if an own goal is scored but it is not the first Barnet goal of the game.
11.If you happen to hit a ‘JACKPOT’ - defined as correctly predicting the exact final score, the exact half time score, the first Barnet goalscorer (including a “no goalscorer” or “own goal” prediction) you will be awarded a massive 20 points.
12.If you are unable to make a prediction for a particular game don’t worry as we will accept what we consider legitimate requests in advance via a posting or E mail me at However each thread will be put up well in advance of the game.
13.The judge’s decision will be final - so there.

Good Luck,
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Postby Reckless » 27 Sep 2020, 09:30

Just a week to go if anybody is interested?
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