Further replies from the club to points raised

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Further replies from the club to points raised

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The Supporters Liaison Group recently had another meeting with the Chairman and raised various points. Please find below the points raised and replies.(replies in italics)

1. I think that it would be good if the club displayed the current fixture and the forthcoming ones on boards at either entrance. Many fans like to take pictures of these things, and it may attract some passers by.

Planning permission has been approved and order placed for a digital advertising board at the Camrose Avenue entrance. This will not only display up-coming games but all The Hive has to offer and we hope it will be installed in the not too distant future. Programming for the power supply isn’t as simple as we’d hope for and this is causing the uncertainty of the installation date.

There are no plans at present for an advertising board at the Whitchurch Lane entrance.

2. Had my season ticket card stolen and discovered it will cost me £5 to replace. Seems quite excessive? I've now got the terms and conditions from the Hive and there is nothing to say you are liable for the cost of a replacement card.

This charge is to reflect the admin and material charge. We note that if an Oyster season ticket is lost there is a £5 charge for its replacement. (my, Pete Speroni) personal view is that if your season ticket card is stolen you may wish to write to the club together with the crime reference number and they may look leniently at it)

3. The clubs has introduced a system for the Portsmouth game of only being able to buy at the ground due to the risk of away fans buying home tickets. I could see this happening with other games eg Luton

Like some others I come a considerably distance and coming to the ground to buy an advance ticket is simply not feasible.

Can I ask that consideration is given to a system whereby those with a previous purchase history can buy tickets by phone or internet? Not only does this make it fare on fans from a far but also strikes me as more effective given that Portsmouth or Luton are likely to have considerable London based support who could come to the ground to buy them.

When this query was first raised I did ask the person whether they were a member to add weight to our query. Unfortunately this information wasn’t forthcoming. Nevertheless the Chairman feels that as there are several home games remaining is it not possible for ticket purchases for that, or any other game likely to attract a large away support, be purchased on one of these visits.

On the subject of large away support, if you feel your seat in the west stand may be subject to be moved to allow for the segregation netting, I suggest you speak to the club and transfer to a seat more to your liking than leave it until the day when the selection of seats would be limited. Just my thoughts

4. West Stand refreshment kiosk. Time to be served. Stock of sweets. Queuing up grass bank.

I’m (Pete Speroni) very pleased to report service at the Dagenham game had much improved after we had raised this matter at the meeting. A close eye will be kept at future games. Regarding queuing back up the grass the club will look into realigning the position of the queue

5. Adverts on rear of west stand.

The club are aware of the opportunity for advertising there but it needs to be done in a cost effective way due to the sheer size it needs to be to be effective. It’s a matter of ongoing consideration.

6. Kit for babies to under 5’s

See reply to point 8

7. Buzz Club

This will be considered

8. Re: shirt sizing help
The Jako ones do come up smaller. I have a 2XL Surridge shirts and they fit fine. The 2XL Jako is a fair bit tighter. The max size for the Jako is 2XL ( check the label inside though and it shows 3XL, but this is European sizing, and has 2XL uk underneath) So sadly I couldn’t get a " Champions " shirt !

The club are trying to recruit a marketing manager whose duties would include shop and replica shirt stock. Unfortunately for unknown reasons a wider range of sizes wasn’t ordered and as bulk orders have to be placed and there is a 12 week delivery, there won’t be a further supply this season.

8. A few people, including me, have asked this. Could a screen be erected on the north side of the west stand to reduce the wind blowing through.

Sorry, but in a season or two there won’t be the need for such a screen when the north stand is completed!