Coaches to Rochdale and Kidderminster

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Re: Coaches to Rochdale and Kidderminster

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We need to accept that most of our supporters, have, over time taken steps to get themselves to away games without being reliant on the club, who let them down many years ago. Our away support is pretty impressive, on a percentage, based on average home attendances. If we go up into the EFL there might be an opportunity to promote the coaches but I think that's unlikely . I've only once used the coach to Bristol Rovers on a Tuesday night away game, it was good with a pick up in Whetstone and stop at Marlborough but if I recall there were only 40 on it .
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Re: Coaches to Rochdale and Kidderminster

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jerroll wrote: 15 Sep 2023, 19:55
Roy57 wrote: 15 Sep 2023, 19:26 When clubs we have played at the Hive I have seen quite a few with supporters coaches parked beside the team coach, don't really get how do many clubs can run coaches but we cannot due to severe lack of intrest, with the cost of train fares and cost of fuel, being driven, no stress, talking to friends of new friends but still we cannot run coaches to long journeys such as tomorrow. Would not be over surprised if the Kiddiminster one is cancelled due to lack of numbers needed. Such a shame.
Most people i know who travel to away games prefer to make a day of it, not going straight to the ground with a stop off at a motorway service station - this has been the case during the years without coaches being run especially when football has been largely dire. when club ran coaches before i would use for a tuesday game but a saturday I would always go by train as a better day out!
Completely agree. As illustrated by the fact that I'm already in Manchester.
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