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Re: Blunt about Brunt

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Brunt is the sort of player who, when the team is on top, can convert that pressure into chances and goals with through balls in tight spaces close to goal and good delivery into the box. Hence the number of goals and assists. That's a really valuable player to have. No good having pressure and not turning it into goals. We are where we are in no small part because we've been pretty clinical in putting teams away when we've had the better of the game and he's been a big part of that.

What he isn't, is the sort of player who is going to grab control of a 50-50 game because he's slow and not great out of possession and so if the team isn't able to control things and get him the ball close to goal games, especially away from home, can completely pass him by like the one yesterday. With Pritchard now back there's certainly a case for him and Stead to be the advanced midfielders instead but I'm sure Brunt will have a positive part to play in the rest of the season either starting or off the bench.
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Re: Blunt about Brunt

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The stat regarding his goal/assist involvements is certainly a good return, and for that reason, DB will persist with him. Agree that his best position is sitting behind the front line, and breaking into the box. Perhaps there is an argument that we could use him as an impact player in certain matches. But I'd rather have him in our side than have him play against us.

I seem to remember Darren Currie being labelled a luxury player by some in his first season. Then his game evolved and went on to become one of the most effective midfielders in the 3rd division.
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Re: Blunt about Brunt

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WillesdenBee wrote: 06 Apr 2024, 21:08 23 goals/assists.
Hmm. 6 goals so must be 17 assists. About a fifth of our goals this season. Surprised it's that many.

Good player but I'd like to see him do more and take more responsibility.
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Re: Blunt about Brunt

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I agree with comments on both sides and cannot argue with these views, but the thing is because he is capable of creating at times so easily, he sees passes others dont, BUT he does on quite a few games just vanish, and if you counted the 50/50 tackles he goes in for in would not be very good, I have said I find him frustrating as he can and should offer far more than he doez, a top player like Okimio, Pritchard and Nicki will give you 7-8 out of 10 most games, unlike Brunt who as mentioned seems to be game selective. Feel he at this stage like Etbee said maybe he should be better as impact sub, like when he came on for last 20 mins and looked so good.he just doesn't do it knowhere near enough for me, against Maidenhead he was so poor.
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