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Just a very brief post to say that BFCSA1926 has launched and we are encouraging all Barnet FC fans to join (it's free!).

Shortlink to join:
OnlyBarnet Sub-Forum:

The website has a brief "Who Are We" to cover the 7 members of the launch committee, minutes from the 2 initial meetings we have had, and a few FAQ's on the Sign Up Page.

You are welcome to reach out to us on any of our channels, and encourage you to join BFCSA1926, follow all social media channels, and share as far as wide.

Our initial brief is simply to bring as many Barnet FC fans together. We are chanelling our inner Paul Fairclough's - "TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More" :laugh:

Moving forward our ambitions will be guided by you, the Barnet FC fanbase. There will be elections and positions available (two members - included myself - Sam have volunteered for a period of one year and will step down once the year is up).

You are welcome to ask any questions through any of our mediums, and we will answer as quickly as possible (which may not be that quick).

We are aware that many potential members may not be as computer literate, or online at all and are looking to get them onboard as quickly as possible.
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