Aldershot (Away) The Match Thread With A Shot Temper

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Re: Aldershot (Away) The Match Thread With A Shot Temper

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I'm going into this (the Southend game) game with a degree of optimism. We've a good group of players, key players are fit and well, and off the back of a full week of training, aware that a win is important to keep us in the mix. I look at the table and we are in a play off place. After last season, I didn't even contemplate that, and would, with most people on here have expected mid table security, with a view to play offs next year. This needs to be a long (i.e three to four years) project, so as to get club, infrastructure, staffing and dare I say support appropriate for a League Two return. Agree re another proper striker., although we could adapt no doubt if we cannot get one. Hopefully there will be some news shortly.
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Re: Aldershot (Away) The Match Thread With A Shot Temper

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Completely agree that success needs to be viewed as a three year project. This short termism hasn't worked for us. I like DB and I believe in him. If 50%+ of his signings work out that's a good hit rate. We will go through periods where we won't win games. DB said as much during the summer.
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Re: Aldershot (Away) The Match Thread With A Shot Temper

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It's clear that the good start has increased expectation levels. This is great, but we must also be mindful that there will be off days. Every team has them. Most of us expected to beat Aldershot, but that's football. Don't get hung up on it, just move on.
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