Chesterfield Coach Tickets

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Re: Chesterfield Coach Tickets

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Will a second bus be organised? Looks like match tickets are selling well. Could be looking at 3 or 400 away fans
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Re: Chesterfield Coach Tickets

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Jdk103 wrote: 26 Oct 2023, 20:07
Roy57 wrote: 26 Oct 2023, 19:34 Shame we are only just managing to scrape numbers for one coach, remember going to away games with 3-4 coaches, remember one away game were one coach was from coach company called Enfieldian, and because it was from Enfield some supporters refused to get on it and got on another coach, which there one broke down. Great days and made so many friends, stop offs, and watching results on the coach TV on way back.
Why not just appreciate the fact the coach is going? Why has everything got to be a negative?
Why don't you get a life, never a negative post at all, just comment saying how it would be nice to take more than one coach, but if this pleases you then knock yourself out.
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Re: Chesterfield Coach Tickets

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The coach has now SOLD OUT. We are discussing a second coach but it’s not likely.
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Re: Chesterfield Coach Tickets

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Wow amazing stuff well done everyone, no scraping the coach there
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Re: Chesterfield Coach Tickets

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Good to hear we have sold out the coach already, nice reward for the work the bfcsa have put in
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Re: Chesterfield Coach Tickets

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Well done to the supporters association for getting a coach sorted. Hopefully it all goes well and we see more coaches this season as it will mean we are being successful on and off the pitch.

I recall multiple coaches for big cup games and for a few games when we were on our last league run. Always a good sign things are going well.

If we can get past Curzon Ashton hopefully we will get a good draw ad more bums on seats

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Re: Chesterfield Coach Tickets

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Have seen on BFSCA Twitter that departure time is now 09:30 Everyman & 10:15 Hive (was 10:00/10/45) . Worth mentioning as I've had a later email suggesting it's still 10:00.
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