Alternative route to The Hive

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Alternative route to The Hive

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If this had have been built it would have provided an alternative, though still not that direct, route to The Hive

Having said that, the space for The Hive might than have not been there.
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Re: Alternative route to The Hive

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Very interesting video. The cancelling of the northern heights project is probably one of the reasons that Barnet has a reputation for being such a leafy borough. The sad fact remains though that traveling east to west via public transport is difficult from places like Barnet/Whetstone/Finchley. Only a few bus routes travel that way and have a tendency to take you round the houses.

On a slightly different note, I remember TK stating in one of his Q&As that he'd extend the line from Mill Hill himself if he was able to move us to Copthall. Don't be surprised if we see a new station pop up on the Jubilee Line one day à la Rotherham. :whistle:
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