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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Post: # 219353Post jamesharpin1 »

Location: West Hampstead
How many years following the Bees: 9 years
Which Stand: West Stand
All Time Favourite Player: John Akinde
All Time Favourite Manager: In my time it has to be Allen due to promotion
Best Memory: Gateshead at home
Worst memory: The Nugent era
Other Sports you watch: Cricket, tennis, rugby
Hobbies: Anything Football- play for Hendon FC, referee on sundays, watch football all day every day. football manager, fifa 17, Oh and School
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Post: # 232430Post thealex2011 »

Location: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
How many years following the Bees: 6
Favorite Stand: I don't actually have one because I've never been overseas but I've made it a requirement to myself that once I finally make it to London, to go to the Hive and witness a match in person.
All Time Favourite Player: John Akinde
Best Memory: Winning the league in 2015 to get promoted back to League Two
Worst memory: Being relegated in 2013 on the final day
Other Sports you watch: Pretty much sport that's on I'll tune into with an emphasis on hockey, baseball, tennis, and American football
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Post: # 236020Post block c_bee »

Location: St Albans
How many years following the bees: 28 years
Favourite stand: Main stand - user name gives it away
All time favourite player: Andy Clarke or Dougie Freedman
Best memory: Old trafford. Great atmosphere and had a blinding night out afterwards
Worst memory: Colchester away in the play off match. Cheated doesn't even begin to describe it
Other sports: Still battling away in the st albans sunday league. Bookings now overtaking goals scored, tennis and golf
Hobbies: Pub, family and then back to the pub
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Post: # 237834Post Northumberbee »

Location: rural Northumberland
A Bees supporter since 1962, although unfortunately not continuously (see above for one reason)
Favourite spot: anywhere at Underhill, but most memorably the "top-end" terrace
Favourite player: Jack McClelland - impeccable handling and an impressively wide vocabulary!
Favourite manager: Paul Fairclough; perhaps it should be Barry but I am ambivalent about the man despite his tremendous achievements
Best memory: so many, but principally Les Eason in any one of dozens of matches - he embodied all that was best about the amateur game but transferred to a brave new era
Worst memory: Wembley v Stafford Rangers 1973 and virtually all of the horrific season of 1975/76
Other sports: I watch a little cricket and rugby union
Hobbies: walking, writing, music, painting; oh, and converting unsuspecting Geordies to the joys of the lower leagues!
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Post: # 241661Post VespaKel »

Location: Norwich. I'm the opposite of northfinchleybee in that I live in norwich, but born in barnet and a north finchley/whetstone boy (many a night drinking in my grandad's local, the torrington, now sadly gone)

How many years following the bees: 40

Which Stand: East Terrace, Underhill

Fave Player: Graz

Fave Manager: MA if he can keep us up

BEST Memory: Burton away when we stayed up
We actually ran into MA and the team at burton train station after the game and got in a huddle with them and all of us singing "we are staying up, I say we are staying up!!" Me and my mate got on the train and said "did that just happen". A brilliant end to the day.

Worst Memory: 20/04/13. Last ever game at Underhill vs Wycombe A sad day. I have my match ticket framed. Plus was my birthday, 43 years earlier my mum popped me out up the hill at the Vic.

Hobbies: Casual clothing, Scooters
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Post: # 245384Post BeeSwarm »

Location: West Midlands
How many years following the Bees: 28. Good grief, I didn't realise it was that long! My first game was a 0-2 home defeat to Darlington.
Which Stand: No firm favourite - I chop and change!
All Time Favourite Player: Tony Lynch, Gar Bull, Dave Barnett
All Time Favourite Manager: Barry Fry
Best Memory: Fisher Athletic away, 1991.
Worst memory: The club almost going out of business after winning promotion to what is now League One.
Other Sports you watch: NFL, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Baseball.
Hobbies: Theatre, gaming, music (playing).
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Post: # 246364Post jlay72 »

Location: Middlesex
How many years following the Bees: Properly - been going for last 6 months - started just before Xmas as the ground is near me and family had supported barnet since the 60's when playing at Underhill.
Which Stand: West Stand - best seats in the house!!
All Time Favourite Player - Dougie Freedman
All Time Favourite Manager - Barry Fry but may change to Martin Allen if stay up on Saturday!
Other Sports/Hobbies - Golf
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Post: # 248492Post barnet6newport1 »

Location : South Manchester
Following Barnet since 1970

Barnet 6 Newport 1 - FA Cup Round 1 November 1970 - My first ever game!!!

Can't get any better than that!!!
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Post: # 248497Post MCB »

barnet6newport1 wrote:Location : South Manchester
Following Barnet since 1970

Barnet 6 Newport 1 - FA Cup Round 1 November 1970 - My first ever game!!!

Can't get any better than that!!!
Best username here, welcome!

I'm changing my name to FrankieMurphy2YorkCity0
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Post: # 252964Post WhitherAkurang »

Location: Bath. Lived in N20 until I was 7 and always attached to the club via my dad who is Whetstone born and bred

How many years following the bees: 30

Which Stand: East Terrace, Underhill

Fave Player: Gary Bull/Paul Showler from the Fry days. In the 21st century I'll go with Grazioli and Bailey

Fave Manager: John Still

BEST Memory: Beating Man City in the Coca Cola Cup in 94, Freedman after 30 seconds and Sumo keeping out Niall Quinn all by himself! // Staying up on the last day at Rushden and at Burton // Sneaking into Underhill on the Friday before the last home game ever and taking some photos. Weather was perfect and the place never looked better.

Worst Memory: The Torquay game. Was a student in Durham so couldnt attend. Stayed in my room for days afterwards // The hundreds of times we have conceded a last minute equaliser

Hobbies: Horse racing, walking, golf

Fell out of love with it for a few years but will be there this season as often as I can
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Post: # 257587Post Roy57 »

LOCATION. Rochester Kent past 5years. High Barnet before that
ALL TIME FAVOURITE PLAYER To many to mention. Colin "paddy" powell. Jimmy Greene's
BEST MEMORY Fisher away.
wORST MEMORY Coventry v Morecambe agreeing to play for a draw.resulting
In us getting relegated.
OTHER SPORTS Boxing. Tennis.
HOBBIES To many to mention

EXTRA INFO. I use to sell programmes with my older brother at Underhill
for almost 15 years. Between 1975-1990 Had great times memories.
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Post: # 261790Post JamesN6bee »

Originally from Dollis Valley mays lane I started going to Barnet in 2005 first time at underhill was Barnet vs Arsenal in 2004 when they opened the floodgates for the last 10 minutes and we were allowed to go inside. (I was 3 at the time and playing football outside the ground with my old man) first full match was against Halifax in 05 when we won the league and first away game Man United! Always stood on the east terrace at underhill and am now one of the regular faces of the “younger generation” behind the goal at the hive trying to create some atmosphere and get behind the team. A lot of you will know me as one of the admin on Barnet Til I Die Facebook group.

Location : Highgate
Years supporting Barnet: 2005-present
All time favourite player: Grazioli. Simple.
All time favourite manager: Fairclough
Best memory: first full game Barnet vs Halifax 2005 when we won the league
Worst Memory: relegation at Northampton 2013 or relegation at the hive vs Chesterfield 2018
Other sports: pool (often practice in queens arms)
Hobbies: reminiscing over Underhill, listening to music on vinyl
Which Stand: always stood on east terrace at underhill now stand in south terrace
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Post: # 261994Post themightythorge »

Location : Herts
Years supporting Barnet: 1994-
All time favourite player: Harrison / Wilson
All time favourite manager: PF
Best memory: 9-1 Loss to Peterboro'. Best game of football ever seen.
Worst Memory: Shrewsbury Away
Other sports: Archery
Hobbies: Music & Films.
Which Stand: ET @ Underhill. Don't get to Hive often due to work restrictions.
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Re: Welcome Thread - Introduce Yourself

Post: # 267183Post DanSweeneyOfficial »

Mikel Bee wrote:This thread is to welcome all of the new members to the forum. Stop in, introduce yourself, and tell us a little about yourself.
Hi, i'm Dan, let's do better for you at Brentford!
Location: New Barnet
How many years following the Bees: 12
Which Stand: East terrace
All Time Favourite Player: Der der der der der der Scott Mcgleish Scott Mcgleish
All Time Favourite Manager: Paul Fairclough
Best Memory: Carlisle Utd away to go top of the Conference and stay there for the whole season
Worst memory: Torquay relegation day :(
Other Sports you watch: Athletics, Cricket sometimes
Hobbies: Travelling, Computers and Sleeping
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